/ Anaconda.cc
is a graphic design practice run by Anna-Luise Lorenz. the designs are often built on the backdrop of art, speculative design and theory, acknowledging the technological and ideological complexities of our contemporary society.

  2020 (ongoing) lecturer, interaction design, folkwang university of the arts essen (de)
  2019 researcher @The New Normal think tank, Strelka Institute Moscow (ru)
  2016 Master of Arts, Design Interactions, Royal College of Art, London (UK)
  2010 German Diploma, Communication Design, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg (DE)
  2008 freemover, Typography & Typedesign, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague (CZ)

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art agenda, dummy magazin, diffrakt center for theoretical periphery, exposmart, fairplaid, frame copenhagen, frankfurt fair, german corporation for international corporation, hatch berlin, hlz, id festival, mercedes benz, mtv, okay bueno, panke.gallery, red bull, royal college of art london, studio quentin walesch, takram london, usm haller, zentrum für netzkunst, ...

/ Works and lives in Berlin.

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commercial portfolio upon request.

commissioned by sound artist sam conran, rainforest3000 is a book object which functions as a supporting framework for his essay on semantic listening and technologically induced wellness. the ambivalence of the pharmakon as a healing remedy as well as lethal poison was used as a conceptual basis for the design of this customised cooling pad. it comes with a pdf saved on a cd, designed as a fictional pharmaceutical package leaflet. to prolong the cd's lifespan it's recommended to store the book in the fridge.

white silkscreen print on hand-welded soft pvc sleeves, filled with cooling pad gel, 10 copies.

artist edition created to accompany artist claire tolan’s work shush tones which consists of a series of asmr ring tones as an extension of surveillance by multinational corporations through our mobile devices.
the aesthetics of power and control and the dominant mode of worship that is reproduced in the brand of scientology served as a guideline for the design of this edition. the result is the design of a vinyl cover referencing technological surrealism and archaic monumentalism, presenting the buyer with nothing more than a transparent acrylic glass plate with a personalised download link inside: download links usually presuppose a level of trust towards the author of the download, as the file might be infected. in this case the download turns out to be innocent: the real virus is embedded in the use of the ring tones.

032c miss read art book fair top pick
featured on neural.it
exhibited at panke gallery

design of three booklets accompanying the project 1&1 there are no miniatures in nature. commissioned by speculative designer lukas franciszkiewicz.
obtower: a radical living space, designed to have minimal impact on its environment. the design addresses the subliminal obtrusive sexuality of the story.
circuform: a round table platform accessible through a circular runway. the book is designed on strict democratic principles.
standtour: movable stands made out of chrome provide joyrides for nature enthusiasts.

digital print. pages vary. 30 copies each.

art direction for panke.gallery’s exhibition 'berlin zentrum der netzkunst'. the design juxtaposes irrational user behaviour on the internet and dysfunctional web elements as two different modes of dominance over access to cyberspace content.

poster and folder as high-end print with 2 pantone colors and spot varnish.
standalone experimental website with endlessscroll navigation: www.netzkunst.berlin

in collaboration with ingmar spiller

design proposal for a high quality table water

concept and exhibition design for the group show 'buy buy buy, put it down' at hockney gallery as part of london design festival.
from the exhibition text: "buy buy buy is a conceptual shop and exhibition that will satisfy the future desires you didn’t even know you had. get yourself an anti-gravity suit for your toddler, try on a post-futurist necktie, taste the singularity chocolate, pet the genetically modified elvis mouse and don’t forget to get ready for your space holiday with your new space tourist kit."

exhibition curated by studio tutti frutti.

book for budapest based art and philosophy collective 'technologie & das unheimliche'. the design offers a juxtaposition of bataille’s idea on base materialism with the sterility of computer-generated graphics.

145 × 204 mm, 168 pages, digital print, 500 copies.

miss read artbook fair berlin
toronto art book fair
it’s a book art book fair leipzig

sticker album for a group show curated by Zentrum für Netzkunst and hosted by panke.gallery. stickt.t.me assembles stickers and sticker-sets that were produced by 19 different artists and collectives during an online artist-in-residency-program on the messenger app telegram.


1: design for the workshop 'breaking bread' at bio 26, 26th biennial of design ljubljana; cloth & booklet
2: gallery.delivery milan logotype, commissioned by artist sebastian schmieg
3: portfolio for artist sebastian schmieg
4: leverist corporate design. commissioned by digital design agency okay bueno
5: programme book for id festival
6: website for the research project of earth and sky @strelka insitute moscow
7: visuals for an event at strelka institute moscow w/ sofia pia belenky
8: eutopia book design and research on heimat and place making
9: new year's card
10: type design commission by studio quention walesch for anri sala's exhibition catalogue, museum of modern art montreal
11: the inside outside. 3D animation commissioned by artist johanna schmeer for futurium museum berlin. for more details please visit: annaluiselorenz.com
12: branding for glint. winner red dot award and european property award
13: visuals for sound artist sam conran @research & waves
14: sleepworkers illustration